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Family Law

Many of the issues involved with family law matters can be very stressful and emotional. At the law offices of Gerald Salerno we know that selecting the right lawyer during this personal time is of the utmost importance. We provide a friendly relaxed environment where you can be comfortable when discussing your situation.

Our team is comprised of skilled, hardworking and dedicated family lawyers and legal assistants. Our goals are to educate, negotiate, mediate or litigate to your best interests. Our expertise and our commitment to our clients have helped us to be one of the top divorce and child custody law firms in Florida today. When you work with a lawyer at our firm, you have the experience of our entire team behind them to help you achieve a favorable result in your family law case.

Family Attorney
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Gerald has the experience to handle a variety of family law cases ranging from alimony to child custody. A brief overview of a few examples are listed below:

■ Divorce

■ Child Custody

■ Child Visitation

■ Child Support

■ Annulment

■ Pre-Nuptial Agreements

■ Alimony

■ Property Distribution

"The task of choosing a attorney to represent you and your legal matters is a stressful endeavor. When great results are achieved from a professional attorney who is also a humble one, it is only proper to share that experience so That Others May find great results. Mr Gerald Salerno lawyer tourney at law hit a home-run for me and I'm elated. If and when the need arises for professionalism I will definitely be calling him.."  ~~Reinaldo Lopez, USMC (retired)

Family Law Overview


Divorce is a serious decision. By definition divorce is simply the termination of marriage. But, for the people going through it the divorce may be very difficult emotionally but the legalities are quite simple. The legal problems arising from divorce have to do with what should happen after the marriage is over and the two spouses begin their lives apart. 

Child Custody 

No family law issue generates more concern, strife and emotional turmoil than child custody and visitation matters. For your children’s sake and yours you need to find a sensible solution that enhances the well-being of your children and disturbs them as little as possible.
Courts base their decisions regarding custody with the best interest of the child in mind. In a dissolution proceeding, the court will attempt to determine which parent the child should be placed with and what contact the child should have with each parent. 

Child Visitation 

When parents have joint physical custody, visitation is not an issue as the child or children will live with both parents. When one parent has sole custody, however, the non-custodial parent will have visitation rights. There is no set rule regarding visitation, and the terms or schedule of visitation may be determined by the parents, or if they cannot agree, by the Court. 

Child Support

Child support is the amount of money that the court orders a non-custodial parent, or the parent with whom the child does not live, to pay the other parent every month for the support, education, and care of their children. The non-custodial parent is usually responsible for contributing a certain portion of his or her income to help support the child until the child turns 18.


A “voidable” marriage is a legal marriage that can be annulled with the filing for a decree of nullity if certain conditions are present. Even a lengthy marriage can be annulled when a basis for nullity is present. On the other hand, some marriages that last only a few days require a dissolution (divorce) because no “voidable” reasons are present. An annulment is obtained based on the theory that certain conditions existed at the time of the marriage and a valid marriage never even really occurred.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A “prenuptial agreement” — or “premarital agreement” — is a contract between couples contemplating marriage that establish what assets and/or financial obligations belong to each party in the event of a divorce. The primary reason for individuals to have a pre-nuptial agreement is so that both parties, rather than the courts, will define what will happen in the event of a divorce.

Property Distribution

Usually this process is simple. Most property acquired after the marriage is considered community property and as such, is evenly divided during a divorce. Property obtained prior to a marriage is considered separate property and remains with the original owner.

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